Hardwood flooring is a great way to floor your home

One of the most incredible things about hardwood flooring is the extensive lifespan that not only offers up to 100 years or more but that also adds tremendous value to your home. In addition to trendy, stunning appearances, these floors also bring impressive durability and performance, even under busy lifestyles. So, if you've never experienced hardwood, now is a great time to dive into this product line to find out what you've been missing.

We work toward your best wood floors

It’s important to know that your first step should be to choose a species that matches your in-home traffic levels. Species range from soft to hard, and the busier your lifestyle, the harder your selected species should be to protect the surface. When combined with sealant and finish, you'll see a floor that looks better longer and can be cared for without effort.

The customization available with hardwood flooring gives you a stunning décor match you can personalize to your existing décor with perfection. Stain colors range from light to dark and everything in between, and these can be combined with the format, finish, and installation layout for options that are yours alone. So, not only can you create a trendy appearance, but it will remain current longer than many.

Once we work together to find all the best options for your home specifically, we will work with you to create a professional installation as well. This protects your investment and gives you the peace of mind that your wood floors will last as long as they are supposed to last. When you're ready to get a remodel underway, visit our showroom any time.

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Carpets Direct has a lot to offer, including an extensive selection of floor coverings that fit every price range and complete dedication to product selection and service. Our family-owned business is locally owned, so our community is vital to us. If you are a resident of Lincoln, NE, Emerald, NE, Arbor, NE, Walton, NE, or Cheney, NE, we invite you to visit us at our showroom in Lincoln, NE. There, we will work with you to find the perfect hardwood flooring and services to match. When you're ready to enjoy solid or engineered wood flooring, visit us for assistance.